Dinner With Tigers

A Once In A Lifetime Experience

Have Dinner with Real Tigers at Diamond Valley Lodge’s  100% Safe, Unique Dinner-Party Experience!


Tiger Preservation Event in the Year of The Tiger!

“A Day To Celebrate The Tigers Fundraiser”

Join us for Food, Drinks, Auction and an up-close Experience with the Jewels of Nature!

Date: April 9th 2022
Time: 11am – 1pm

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Dinner with Tigers

Ever dined just feet away from a Majestic Bengal Tiger – Now You Can! Enjoy a magical evening under the stars with open-air seating in our exotic Zen Garden. Just feet away from some of the most magnificent creatures on the planet! Experience the “Crown Jewels of Nature” at the Diamond Valley Lodge. Seated just a breath away from the Majestic Bengal Tiger, look into its eyes and experience the wonder. Learn how to greet a tiger with a “chuff.”  A “chuff” is a form of communication between tigers and people.

Dinner With Tigers is a unique “Dinner Party” experience. The rare opportunity to have an up-close encounter with our Menagerie of Bengal Tigers while enjoying a delicious pre-set Indian fusion cuisine. The Diamond Valley Lodge is a one-of-a-kind wedding and event venue located here in Sage, CA (right next to Temecula). One thing that makes us so unique is that we care for and display the Most Prestigious Collection of Royal White Tigers and Adorable Orange Tigers, this side of Las Vegas!

To Make your experience at the Diamond Valley Lodge even more exciting and memorable, our Tiger Care Team actually stay inside the tiger habitat with the tigers while they are on display! Our Tiger Care Team actually hand feed the tigers, and interact with them in a playful fun way. A touching demonstration of man in harmony with nature. Our Wildlife Ambassadors provide visitors with the opportunity to see how incredible and gentile these massive creatures can be with the people who care for them. It’s our sincere hope that through this shared experience, that you too will be inspired to also get involved with wildlife conservation and preservation.

Our wildlife team has over 30 years of expert experience, specifically in the care and exhibition of tigers. We are extraordinarily proud of our 100% Perfect Record of Animal Care and Visitor Safety! We don’t ask our animals to do “tricks” or demeaning behaviors. If they have behaviors they enjoy doing, that we help cultivate. We believe that the real experience is being present with these Majestic Creatures and soaking up all the Beauty and Positive Energy. We don’t allow the public to come into direct-contact with our tigers. This is for your safety and theirs. However, we do bring you just a breath away from the tigers in a 100% safe setting.

Prepare for the experience and memories of a lifetime. This is Your Chance to Experience the Majestic Bengal Tiger, at the Diamond Valley Lodge.

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